The Centricity middleware connects to telephony and radio services to provide call handling agents with status alerts, instant messaging and email. It provides powerful call and agent control at the desktop to our own suite of products and third party solutions.

Working with the Centricity event engine the Sigma database access middleware offers direct access to our databases for customer bespoke reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and provides secure access to our shared contacts directory and supported 3rd party databases such as Crime Bureau and patient e-records.

To cater for the advent of Web chat and video calling into ACD environments, our Vortex media streaming engine uses Microsoft tools to connect to the customer’s Web interface and accept web chat and video call sessions, presenting them to our Pilot desktop touch screen console.

The Pilot touch screen Supervisor & Operator Console is designed for ACD work in demanding contact centres where both inbound and outbound call handling is required. Feature rich with telephony and agent features it also adds both call recording audio instant replay and monitoring. Now available with web chat and video calling.

Agent Contact Centre (Major incident) Initiator is a powerful auto dialler server, released with our Pilot product that works with groups of contacts, designated by roles in the shared database. It publishes the call out group to the Supervisor’s console. When a major incident is triggered, it auto dials the list, recording a DTMF, recording or immediate transfer request response.

Agent Contact Centre Display is a real time agent and call display using a 3D vectored image of your contact centre so Supervisors can spatially locate operators. It displays call, agent, skill set and call queue information regionally or locally, identifying non productive behaviour for self management.

Agent Contact Centre Reporter provides standard telephony and airwave call and agent reporting. It provides a rich suite of text and graph’s with a cost option of a ‘simultaneous event table’; a new powerful way of looking at key performance reporting and contact centre management

Agent Contact Centre Manager takes the ACCL and ACCD product to the next level with full performance league tables and detailed agent information right down to policy breach alerts and productivity indicators