As the UK’s ESN Transition programme evolves begins all the Emergency Services and other agencies need to consider how they, either individually or in regional groups, manage their move from one network to the next.

This won’t be a straightforward task or as simple as picking up a new phone and switching it on. There will be planning, risk assessment, device selection, logistics, disposal, commissioning and many other elements to consider; all of which will need to be in place before the allotted transition phase and, importantly, coordinated with regional partners.

Capita, with our deep technical experience and knowledge can provide this support through a four-phase programme of modular work packages:


  • Project Management to support local and regional collaboration and stakeholder engagement
  • Using our experience and independence to assess the devices and accessories against a range of operational requirements, legislation and technical compatibility


  • Providing an assurance capability for the chosen devices and accessories
  • Providing our unrivalled experience to support the client in the selection of the right device and accessory for the right deployment


  • Planning the local transition programme and contingency plans
  • Consultancy and Project Management

  • Procurement strategies

  • Training services

  • Maintaining operational effectiveness – ‘Always On’


  • Flexible and low risk

  • Low impact abstraction programmes for both handheld devices & vehicle installations

  • Specific installation designs

  • Non-standard special installations

  • Asset Management and device configuration/programming

  • Testing and signoff

  • De-installation and disposal