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Police & Justice

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Integrated operational policing from Capita brings together market-leading products and services to provide a platform to support the transformation of public contact, response and investigative activity.

Capita has been a supplier of mission-critical solutions to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years and works closely with clients to support evolving operational requirements and future business needs in policing, namely; providing mobile access to data for responding officers, data sharing with partners and truly multi-channel, two-way communication links between the force and the public.

Capita’s portfolio directly addresses core policing needs to deliver a public-facing, locally-based, modern and intelligence-driven service. Capita’s products and services are proven to help reduce operational risk, deliver a better service to the public and increase the effectiveness of operations.

With a unique position as a supplier of solutions and services across the policing and justice sector Capita has developed and continues to invest in its integrated operational policing portfolio that, whether deployed as a single suite or as individual solutions, provides:

  • Multi-channel public contact and integrated communications
  • Incident and event management tools to inform the most appropriate response based on Threat, Harm and Risk assessment
  • A single POLE data store integrating operational policing processes
  • Secure storage and access controls to all digital evidence and media
  • Data sharing with partner agencies
  • Configurable workflow and decision making tools
  • A fully mobile-capable platform.

Fire & Rescue

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Fire Services are challenged with the need to provide more efficient service delivery including the support of front line operations through the use of more intuitive, sophisticated and relevant technology. The business case for technology should be focused on providing an end-to-end capability with integration between front line operations, duty management and seamless connectivity to back office systems.

Capita has been at the forefront of the provision of solutions to Fire Services in the UK and Overseas for many years.

With continued investment in new technology across its product portfolio the leading Control Room solutions, VISION Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and DS Integrated Communications and Control System (ICCS) have been integrated to create a single end-to-end Control Room solution - VISION DS. This approach is designed to offer fire services a more flexible, modular product offering with the capability to deploy CAD, ICCS or a combined solution to meet evolving Control Room requirements

As all the emergency services become closer and collaborative in both front-line and support operations Capita’s strategy for its products will foster deeper multi-agency collaboration, integration and data sharing


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As an integral part of the Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) for the Department of Health in the UK Capita’s Integrated Communications and Control Solution (ICCS) has been used across all the regional Ambulance Trusts in a networked, resilient architecture to support the mission-critical communications and dispatch functions.

Alongside the delivery of this mission-critical communications system Capita, through integration of the ICCS with the Call Vision Applications portfolio, provides seamless integration of digital radio and telephony services that can manage all aspects of call centre management and reporting.


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Over the last decade Capita’s leading communications and control solutions have played a key role in safeguarding key transport infrastructure in the UK; in support of planned major events such as the 2012 Olympics and in response to major incidents such as the 2005 London bombings.

Key to the solutions used has been their ability to scale to national deployments, deploy across regional control centres and to interface with specialist communication and information services. Alongside Capita’s 24/7 service our solutions provide mission-critical support to key public services across the transport network.

  • British Transport Police is the largest national police force in the UK and has a responsibility for policing the railway network across the country including underground in the major cities. ControlWorks® is deployed at the force’s two Regional Control Centres to provide resource management and incident response coordination alongside integrated communications with the DS3000 ICCS with the facility to exchange incident information with territorial police forces and liaison with Train Operating Companies.
  • Highways England is a UK Government Agency that manages the major road network across the country with a network of Regional Control Centres. ControlWorks® has been deployed across the RCC network to provide resource management and incident response coordination. As part of this activity ControlWorks® provides the capability to exchange incident information with the local police forces to support joint operations.
  • Alongside the supply of the Control Room platform Capita also provides Highways England with a Airwave Radio Managed Service that supports mission-critical communication devices on a 24/7 basis across the country.


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Capita’s recent successes include projects in the Middle East where Oil & Gas operating companies have embraced the Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) technology pioneered by Capita 25 years ago. Projects benefit from the flexible power of Capita’s DSX ICCS to seamlessly integrate TETRA with various other radio and telephone audio networks. Furthermore, system operators are able, from the same touchscreen, to control other security sub-systems, including CCTV and Public Address – General Alarm (PAGA).

Although traditionally used by Public Safety agencies, Capita has seen a growth of interest in its ICCS portfolio from the Oil & Gas sector. As modern communications systems, such as TETRA and LTE, start to be adopted by these new companies, the need is growing not just to dispatch voice calls but also to seamlessly integrate voice, radio, data and information from a wide range of communication and security systems. Consistent with these needs, Capita DSX is seen as the ultimate solution.


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Capita has supported Maritime Search and Rescue operations with integrated Command and Control solutions for many years. As a strategic supplier to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and to the RAF SAR Coordination Centre our products are central to nationwide communications and operations facilitating the MCA response to emergency calls at sea.

Alongside the implementation of the Command and Control technology Capita also undertook a business change programme on behalf of the MCA to help transform call handling processes and promote system integration. This project enabled the MCA to transform the control room environment both at a local and national level and facilitated an overall rationalisation programme of how existing resources were utilised.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Communications - Through a single client interface, full telephony, radio and data communications can be handled efficiently.
  • Integrated Mapping - Fully integrated mapping provides extensive geo-centric capabilities without the need for a separate GIS.
  • Support of Coastguard Operations - Standard control room features to support the day to day operation of the Coastguard, including message logging, incident recording and information dissemination.
  • Scope for Collaboration - Flexible solution supports multiple agencies and a shared platform with the ability to pass and share information with other agencies.

Who we are and what we do

Capita Secure Solutions and Services is the UK’s leading provider of innovative, secure, resilient products and services for the emergency services, critical responders and national infrastructure providers.

Our unique portfolio of capabilities is built on over 30 years’ experience delivering and supporting mission-critical, secure solutions and continues to develop with ongoing investment, innovation and integration.

Select your sector of interest above and see how our capabilities can help your organisation deliver a transformed service. For background on the organisation please view our profile here.


New partnership delivers new business in the Middle East

A new partnership between Capita Secure Solutions and Services & DicoTech Corvit has secured new multi-million-dollar business in GCC to supply Capita’s DS3000 Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) to support the monitoring of a critical confidential rated national infrastructure project.

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An operational hub for the Internet of Public Safety Things

In the new world of smart and safe cities, “converged solutions” become the natural processing and workflow engine for new types of​ “contact”, beyond the traditional telephone call from a member of the ​public, that require specific management and resource deployment. Capita's ControlWorks, with its flexible workflows and open interface delivers a true operational hub for a smart and safe city infrastructure.

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